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Job: Assembly line worker; Age: 23; Birthday: April 15; Height: 5’2″; Weight: 112 pounds; Bra Size: 32B; Panties: Usually thongs; Anal: If I’m feeling it; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Yes; Lives: Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Look at how comfortable Evelyn is on-camera. “I did some trade show modeling before I got my job at the plant,” she told us. “So, I kinda have a quick reaction when people point cameras at me. I smile, push out one hip and place my hand on my hip. It’s the international spokesmodel move.

“I’m adventurous in the bedroom now, but I wasn’t always,” Evelyn shared. “I lost my virginity to my first love. It was really sweet and emotional. He and I learned about how sex worked together. After we broke up, I kinda went wild and started experimenting more. That’s when I really started learning!

“I don’t have a favorite sexual position because they’re all pretty fuckin’ fun if you’re doing it right,” Evelyn giggled to our interviewer. “But it’s easiest for me to cum in doggie-style. There’s something about the way the cock feels inside me at that angle. That being said, sometimes I don’t want to cum immediately. Sometimes it’s more fun to just slow down and enjoy the ride.”