More Than Meets The Eye

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Meet Claire, a 21-year-old cutie pie who is as wholesome as a litter of puppies at a church fundraiser.

Not! This LA kinkster is filthy, horny and ready to fuck at the drop of a hat. Here are some highlights from our brief interview with Claire.

What kind of dates do you like to go on?
I don’t go on a lot of dates, but I guess I’d like to go get some dope food and then get facefucked until I cry.

What are your sexual fantasies?
A super dark and messy gangbang with the worst people imaginable.

How much do you masturbate?
Five times a day, probably.

What sexually satisfies you the best?
Getting pissed on.

It sounds like you’re into some really kinky sex. What’s the most vanilla thing about your sex life?
My favorite position is missionary because I like eye contact.